Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm watching the Rhine flow by and waiting for my ferry to arrive - good time to catch up on some blogging!


Fussen is a nice little town on the foot of the Alps, even though most people only come for one reason:
A tour guide told me about a woman who stormed off, furious that the Germans had copied the Disney castle
I arrived in Fussen after a long ride up around the mountains from Interlake, and spent the day visiting the castles (yes, there's more than one) and doing a little biking around the area.


Munich, a much larger city, draws people for a great variety of reasons...

like drinking, more drinking, and also drinking.

As a dedicated cultural tourist, I spent my first day in Munich in a drunken haze. I arrived in the early morning (Munich was really my first city with no semblance of a guidebook whatsoever), walked around the city with a young tour group (very good tour, btw), went drinking with the tour guides after that, kept drinking and pub hopping on into the evening...

Anyway, there's a bit of a gap there in photographs from the introduction of 6+ liters of beer to my system to it completing its passage through around midday the next day, when I was nicely recovered and went out to see a bit more of the city, including the Deutches museum (enormous) and the Olympic park.

On the final day in Munich, I went out to Schloss Nymphenburg and Dachau. Not a lot of pictures from here either, but for different reasons; walking through the gas chamber and crematorium is a moving experience and I didn't feel much like taking pictures after this one:

I'm heading off for Berlin this evening - should hopefully have the time to post about traveling through Western Germany there.

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