Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Salzburg and the Berner Oberland; The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Raindrops


Salzburg is a solid example of a classic Austrian city. Quite touristy, everything is Sound of Music or Mozart related. The Mozart stuff is a little less photogenic (museums and text), but I've labeled some of the Sound of Music highlights in the photos. Even took a Sound of Music tour, which is much better than it sounds - you get to go out and see a some of the more far-flung sights in the area, which are nice even without the movie tie-ins.

Salzburg photos


Quick hits as I need to get up early:

  • Long way in going through the mountains - over 12 hours from Salzburg to hostel arrival
  • Switzerland is super expensive
  • Hiked the North face trail - nice views and a waterfall
  • Lots of Americans in the hostel, and lots of Seattle-ites - at least 5 people in 4 separate groups. One of whom I knew ahead of time and managed to just overlap with:

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  1. The Mountains are beautiful...see any cows with bells around their necks?