Sunday, September 5, 2010

Amsterdam and Haarlem; A Farewell to Trains

My railpass expired 1 minute ago. I've grown a bit attached to it; it's paid my way through 16 countries, and has seen some wear and tear. I think I'll hang onto it as a memento of the trip.

I've spent the last 2 days in Amsterdam (with a little side trip to Holland). Didn't take that many pictures; partly due to traveling around by bike (reducing spontaneous photos), and partly because I feel like Amsterdam doesn't have that many things begging to be photographed; you just experience the city as a whole.

I'll be a little more explicit with the narrative here (especially as my guides are in the other room and the photos are consequently poorly captioned for the time being). I hit the big museums on day 1; Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, and the Anne Frank house. Rijksmuseum is well laid out, and the Van Gogh has a nice set of Villon etchings in addition to the normal collection. Also biked around most of the city during the day. Wandered around through the red light district in the evening - there's a lot of windows open on a busy Saturday night.

Took a little side trip to Haarlem today (the happiest city in Europe), and went to the Amsterdam history museum. Also saw Boom Chicago's improv show; highly recommended - crowd was solid even on a Sunday evening.

Haarlem is so nice to live in that the Illuminati moved their world domination headquarters there
Into the air and off to Greece tomorrow...

Netherlands pictures

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