Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Little Venice
In retrospect, Mykonos may not have been the best destination choice. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably use a little more time to try to get out of the Cyclades; there's a bit of sense of "more of the same" with the landscape after Santorini (generally considered the most beautiful).

That said, I don't regret going to Mykonos; there's a bit less to see from the tourist perspective on the island, but the beaches are quite nice, so that's what I spent my days doing.

Nice and relaxing. I hit a half-dozen beaches or so during my stay. Fokos is probably the best beach if you want something quieter, and Super Paradise was probably the best beach overall, and the best nude beach I've seen in Europe. Skip Paradise beach, it's horribly overcrowded. 

I did do a bit of exploring of the island as well, but it's a desolate wasteland once you leave the towns.

East Mykonos

Not too much drinking actually; just didn't run into that many people I wanted to go drinking with. Made up for it in Athens, though; details coming soon.

Mykonos pictures


  1. I love the Jesus tanlines! That all looks beautiful Ben!

  2. Thanks for the advises about beaches. I ll avoid paradise except for a short visit and look around. www.jlizamavera.blogspot.com