Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Two months since I arrived in Paris - how time flies...

I had just enough time remaining for a brief foray into the northern hinterlands of Europe, but I didn't think I'd have time to make it up here at all during initial planning; so it's kind of a bonus.


Copenhagen is a bike city - lots of cyclists throughout Europe, but Copenhagen is the first city where I feel like you need to have well-honed cycle crowd navigation etiquette (i.e., managing merging and intersecting groups of cyclists).

Copenhagen parking lot
Rush hour in Copenhagen
Came in on the night train from Berlin, and spent the day doing a long walk about town (did not end up cycling, though). Ended up covering most of the city center, with a side-trip into Christiania, the semi-self-governing neighborhood that's all about being one with the World and EvErything living and Dead.

Too bad I don't have any photos of the giant red "No Photos" signs inside

Copenhagen pictures

I covered pretty much what I wanted to see in Copenhagen on the first day, so I decided to take a little side trip to Sweden on day 2 (it's 30 minutes away by train). Plus, my night train arrived in Lund, not Copenhagen (short connecting train after), and I accidentally possessed myself of some Swedish currency - good excuse to cut it down a bit.


Malmo is an industrious, pleasant city with lots of modern parks and housing - it's also kind of boring and sterile. Probably a great place to raise kids or something. Fine for a couple hours, though, and I get to say I visited Sweden.

It's got a big tower, too.
Malmo pictures

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