Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Algarve

July 12: On the train down to Lagos, met and chatted with a few people:

  • Bruno, from near Lagos but working in London, on his way home on holiday
  • Savannah, American from Bend, Oregon (small world), on a work-exchange program in the area (okay, she was pretty hot - I think this is where I got distracted and misplaced my sunglasses)

Hopped the bus to Salema, checked into my room, and relaxed on the beach:

July 13: A day of mixed outcomes

Today was supposed to be a day of lounging around and rest, but I woke up with energy and decided to go for a short hike down the coast and check out some of the beaches in the coves.

Portable tripod mastery

Which was all well and good until I felt ready to continue down to the point, a good 3-4 miles down the coast from Salema.

Of course, I had only brought with me 750 ml of water, which is NOT ENOUGH for 6-8 miles in the midday sun in the south of Portugal. The last half of the walk back was a disastrous haze as my body started running out of fluids. Luckily, no signs of renal failure thus far. Less luckily, after laying down a good base tan over the last 2 weeks, I burned the crap out of my skin today (even many already quite tan areas).

Had a nice rabbit stew dinner (with PO-TA-TOES) and now off to bed. To Sevilla tomorrow (the final stop for which I don't have a guidebook) if all goes well.

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