Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beyond the Sea

A little more reflection on Rome:

  • It's a tiring city, in no small part because of all the necessary walking to get anywhere you want to go. The Metro is, well, pathetic (e.g., it was completely shut down because of a train accident yesterday)
  • Best hostel experience thus far - roomed with a couple Brits, a couple Czechs, an American and a South African.
  • Wine is expensive again (as of entering Italy, really); definitely miss that about Spain.
Anyway, got up Thursday, went to the Borghese (excellent Bernini, including the superb "Apollo and Daphne") and the National Museum (Roman celebrity sculptures), then caught the train to Bari in the early afternoon.

I was originally intending to stay on the deck, but they offered me a berth for about 25 Euros less than expected when I arrived, so I took it. A bit hot and stuffy, but the weather was great and the seas were calm. Met an Australian couple on board and traded drinks and stories back and forth.

Arrived bright and early this morning in beautiful Dubrovnik - got offered a room right after disembarking and took it - am currently typing this from a porch overlooking the old city and the Adriatic. Be jealous.

More pictures:

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