Saturday, July 10, 2010


Alright, it's been a busy couple days, no posts - expect more of that if and when Wifi becomes harder to find.

I think I left off after Wednesday...

Thursday (July 8):

Up early to the rail station to pick up my ticket to Lisbon, then off to the OTHER train station to get tickets to Toledo. Was intending to go to Toledo on Thursday, but instead went home, had a little siesta, then went off to the Royal Palace:
Raaaar! Look out, Juan Carlos I - your palace armory's extensive collection of medieval and renaissance weaponry will not save it from the ravages of Spider Jaryn!

Friday (July 9):

Off to Toledo in the morning - a fine example of Spanish architecture built on Spanish ruins built on Moorish/Muslim ruins built on Roman ruins. I'd been "enjoying" the triple digit daytime temperatures, but Toledo got up to a nice and toasty 109 F (43 C).

Finally, back to Madrid and hopping the night train to Lisbon.

Saturday (July 10):

Arrived in Lisbon - sans hotel reservation, on a Saturday, in July. Not the best idea - I'd been having some persistent phone trouble contacting the hotels I wanted, so I just decided to wing it. What's the worst that could happen?

After a little exploring, I found myself a bunk in a hostel - 2 guys in a six person room, not bad. And free breakfast and Wifi!

After I got my reservation, still had to wait a good 6 hours to check-in, so I went off into the city. Through the Baixa to the Castelo S Jorge and the Alfama, back to Pra├ža de Comercia and on the trolley to the suburb of Belem for the Coach Museum, Jeronimo's monastery, the Descombrimentos monument, and the Tower of Belem. Whew.

Slacking on guard duty. This is the only guard post in which two Portuguese teenagers are NOT making out

Now to bed. Tomorrow's probables: Sintra, the Gulbenkian museum, further exploration of the Barrio Alto, then off Monday to the Algarve.

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