Sunday, July 18, 2010


July 16th:

Long day trip to Granada today. It's a 3 hour train ride, plus my ~30 minute walk to the train station, so up at 5:30 to catch to 7:00 train, and not back until nearly midnight. Whew. I am a master train sleeper now.

The highlight of Granada is clearly the Alhambra:

Nice if a little underwhelming - my expectations may have been a a bit high.

but I found myself with some extra time after running through the place (5:00 train was completely booked), so I wandered back through the town looking at various smaller sights. Some un-photographed highlights:

  • Exchanging commiserating looks about loud ATVs with an old man on a bench across a small plaza
  • Found an Irish pub with an Irish bartender who apparently spends his evening sleeping with American girls (being the only Irish bartender in a small Spanish city). An old gay Welshman bought me a beer.

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