Friday, July 2, 2010

Paris - day 1

Arrived in Paris in the early afternoon of July 1. Paris is boiling hot currently - well into the 80s during the day and oppressively humid. Nevertheless, my persistence in wearing jeans and dark shoes instead of shorts and tennis shoes has the natives occasionally taking me for a local - until I open my mouth.

Typical conversations:

Parisian: Bonjour!
Me: Bonjour!
Parisian: How are you today?

Parisian 2: (lots of French, really fast)
Me: ...Oui...

After the airport, we took the subway over to Pigalle:

Climbed up to Sacre-Coeur and vicinity:

Had some French dinner at J'Go:

not the Moulin Rouge:

The whole photo album

More to come...

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