Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Arriving in Seville

I was tempted to stay in Salema an additional day (didn't get any kayaking done), but decided I'd given the area a fair shake and moved on (1 more day elsewhere!).

(If anyone's curious, my naked people beach tally for the Algarve was 5 naked old men, 3 naked old ladies, and 1 topless young woman of aesthetic proportions. For those swinging from the other side of the plate, no dudes under 50 with their kit off. Yes, all naked people were apparently German)

So I spent most of the day riding buses back into to Spain and Seville.

Waiting for the bus. Check the hot new sunglasses...yeah...

Got into Seville around 6/7, so after checking in to my hotel (and soaking up a bit of A/C - no more ocean breezes :( ), I went out to catch a flamenco show at Auditori Alvarez Quintero:

Small intimate theater in an old manor house - quite enjoyable. Then off for tapas at El Rinc√≥n del Pulpo Gallego, a Galician bar nearby my hotel.

So far, I've largely been a terrible diner thus far on the trip - if I don't have a recommendation, I tend to wander around like an idiot, unable to translate menus and make a decision (doesn't help that I've been in Portugal and understand basically no Portuguese).

But this bar worked out quite well, even with me being the only person with any English in the whole place. I pulled a recommendation out of some guide, and ordered the chorizo criollo, mejillones al vapor, rollinoes(?) de la casa, and the pulpo - with a glass of sidra on the side - all of which was excellent (and reasonably priced).

Tomorrow I'm planning to tool around Seville, and then off to Granada and the Alhambra on Friday for a looooong day trip (it's ~3 hours away, but I don't want to have to deal with switching hotels), then likely off to Barcelona on Saturday.

More pictures from today

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