Saturday, July 24, 2010

Modernisme in Barcelona

Been away from the Internets for a while - I'm going to start catching up now. Doing most of the writing offline, but still takes some assembling.

July 19 was spent mostly in the Eixample, the modern 19th century boom expansion of Barcelona outside the old city walls. The highlight of which, is, of course the Moderisme architecture exemplified by Antoni Gaudi. (Paraphrasing from the guidebook - I knew little about Modernisme before arriving in Barcelona).

First stop - Casa Mila (aka La Pedrera / "The Quarry" for looking hewn out of a rock face)

The practicality of the ornamental structures is impressive - makes you want to be an architect.

Next - The Block of Discord (a few blocks south)

A line-up of contrasting facades

Had a nice sit-down lunch with an American couple from LA. The woman wants to introduce me to her niece in San Francisco.

Finally, the Sagrada Familia:

Can't add too much to the pictures - the building (still 20 years from completion) is immense, towering over the neighborhood, and crafted impeccably for 100+ years of construction.

Found a nice Enlish-language bookstore in the neighborhood - traded "The Name of the Rose" (finished just in time for ancient Roman country) for "Cryptonomicon" (not terribly relevant, but I've been meaning to read it)

Full album

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